Our Benefits

The Custodian:
Helps you track and visualise your assets and wealth in whatever form (tangible and intangible).
Provides you with a simple, easy-to-use and secure self-service platform.
Allows you to pick and authorise trusted individual(s) as a nominee to access your wealth and asset data under very specific circumstances, should the unexpected occur.
Helps your nominees and/or beneficiaries identify the value of your assets and make the right choices in how to handle and manage such assets.
Provides you with a simple, easy-to-use and secure self-service platform.

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Track Your Asset’s on the go

Access The Custodian via web browser on the device of your choice and track your assets as frequently as you need to. Have a complete view of your accumulated wealth.


Safeguard your legacy

A single secure location to store all your asset classes and details, allowing you to share this vital information with your trusted nominee should the unexpected occur. Ensure all your asset and wealth information is recorded and only disclosed after predetermined deadlines are triggered.

Our Benefits

Your personal legacy assistant



A simple and definable way to store all your assets and liabilities.



All data is stored securely in accordance with data privacy guidelines.



Engage with family, community or any trusted individuals to ensure your well-being is known.



Accurately tabulate and visualize your financial status based on assets and liabilities. Share financial insights securely with your financial advisor.



A growing marketplace leveraging blockchain that offers growing collaboration to meet all your needs, from financial advisors, legal advisors and many more.

Your personal legacy assistant

Get to know more about our legacy assistant. Visualize your wealth and ensure your assets are known should the unexpected occur

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